GUADEC 2020: Newcomers Workshop

Trust you all are enjoying GUADEC 2020! , It’s been going well thanks to the organising team’s efforts and everyone’s love 😀

We are hosting Newcomer’s workshop BOF on Monday 27 Jul 2020, (15:00 â†’ 17:00 UTC) , This is a great place to be at if you are someone who’s looking to explore how to contribute to GNOME. We will be going through the project’s practically and will be sharing you the information that gives you the head-start to your journey at GNOME!

For yours and our convenience we have prepared a wiki post which helps you go through the initial setup for participating in this workshop, Kindly just go through this and setup your systems as per the instructions.

We are excited to see what you do next on your GNOME adventure!

Stay Tuned and Enjoy GUADEC 😇

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