Community Engagement Challenge

Credits: GNOME Foundation

I think I speak for many when I say that each one of us in the FOSS world  loves opportunities that give rewards and compensation for working on FOSS projects.  And, it’s even better when these opportunities have little technical or conditional restraints.  

That’s why I’m excited for the inaugural GNOME Foundation 2020 Community Engagement Challenge which is a rare opportunity to participate in a FOSS contest and win prizes along the way (special thanks to Endless for the grant that supports this Challenge!)  

The GNOME foundation is giving you an exciting new opportunity to apply your creativity, ideas, and skills to help grow the FOSS community by submitting an idea which engages beginning coders with the free and open-source software (FOSS) community. Even better, selected ideas can win up to 21,000$ in cash and prizes along the way, including sponsorship to a future GUADEC and much support from the GNOME Community.

The Gnome Foundation wants to reward  your ideas that help bring a new generation of coders to  FOSS. If you are someone who is filled with fun, creative, unique, educational, engaging ideas, and care about FOSS this is the right challenge for you! 

So, hurry up and check out this link and submit your entries by 1st July, stay in touch with us via social media by following #gnomechallenge or if you have any questions, please email  

I am excited to  see how exciting the future of FOSS will be with your amazing ideas 😀


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