A month full of learning with Gnome-GSoC

GSoC Month-1 was super fun and challenging.

In this month I was able to work with Libgit2-glib where Albfan mentored me on how to port functions from Libgit2 to Libgit2-glib.

Libgit2-glib now has functionality to compare two-buffers.

This feature I think can now benefit other projects also which requires diff from buffers, for example Builder for it’s diff-view and gedit.

We are using this to polish our prototype and be able to draw diff-better like meld does. This is helping us making our testing really easy which took a lot of time before. Now we can edit and see in real-time how we are getting drawing. And this helped me in narrowing down corner cases much faster.

With, the project I was able to be more familiar with Gtk framework, and I did managed to made quite a pretty prototype for our ongoing testing.

With good mentorship of Alberto, I learnt a bit of gitlab-ci also, and we are now able to reduce the workload of checking code-styles. But now I feel like we have made something which is too harsh on my own code 😉

Ah, it looks pretty 🙂

I think this can be great for other projects as well, and we will be starting this with Gitg.

Will love to hear suggestions for improvement and it being adopted by the community.


On our Split-view we are now able to draw really good diff indicating curve like meld does. And with real-time testing the algorithm to draw curves has improved a lot. This is almost ready to shift our gears towards Gitg port.

So, in summary:-

  1. Gitg now recognize where it does not make sense for split-view ex. Images and Binaries.
  2. We are able to create a nice diff-indicating curves which are almost ready to be ported with Gitg
  3. Libgit2-glib can get you a diff for 2 buffers now.
  4. Support for 3-way diff is starting to take shape.
  5. Code-style checks automated at gitlab-ci

With GSoC, I was able to connect more with our community, and I am now participating with Carlos on his newcomers initiative.

It’s fun, and I have tried to improve our newcomers wiki.

Verified the newcomers apps are being build or not, and it’s great to see that every app can be easily build following instructions mentioned at our wiki 🙂 , A great win.

I was also able to work on Gnome-builder yay!, I did a small contribution there with the newcomers plugin for the newcomers-initiative and was able to get Gnome-sound recorder on the list.

In short, GSoC and Gnome gave me the most wonderful month till now, where it allowed me to not just contribute to my project but also to contribute to the overall interest and initiatives going around the community.

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