Improving #newcomer experience at Gnome

Being an #old newcomer myself , I am still lacking here and there about Gnome , So just few weeks ago I was trying to learn more about our Gitlab instance, thanks to csoriano for not just letting me know about my query but also for letting me help him in this newcomer initiative.

The main motto is:-

“Remove every possible obstacle in the way of a newcomer’s first contribution”

So basically Carlos encouraged me that he also wants someone who has experienced this newcomer journey recently which can help him know what can be improved.

I really like the fact that even though being just 8 months in Gnome I can work with the President of the Gnome Project itself πŸ˜› , this is what I love about open source.

So basically when Carlos got time out of his busy schedule , I was able to discuss few points with him which we can improve:-

1. Remove Bugzilla links and mentions from Gnome wiki

2. It will be cool to have a project recommendation system:-

3. Focus on IRC channels where people can get help


I also proposed the idea of creation of sudo pet projects for example :-

or mention the existing pet projects which developers use to experiment with:- [This one was my starting point]

The point of sudo projects is that , for newcomers it’s really hard to straightaway jump into huge code of projects where they might not even know things like vala , gtk , code-style , …

So these pet projects I believe that can help newcomers play around with the technology and make them learn how workflow goes in Gnome about gitlab, coding style etc.

Carlos liked the idea but it’s complex , hence for now main focus is to improve the guides and make sure they are up to date and ensure they work.

If any newcomer wants to give more feedback or maybe any existing developer wants to give feedback from his past journey kindly please do in #newcomers πŸ™‚

For example exalm gave:-

 “A common obstacle is that people clone projects before forking them on gitlabmake changes and then are told that actually they needed to fork to do a MR”

Here we need to identify things which we can improve and innovate so that our newcomers can easily get on board in the community for contributions.

At last I will say, although I am in GSOC 2019, but I really love the fact that there are so many ways in which I can contribute to this lovely community and one of them is this, finally thanks to Carlos who get me involved in this to help him πŸ™‚ .

Work Done Till Now:-

1.For starting I took it upon myself and tried to replace Bugzilla from the newcomers guide with Issue tracker at Gitlab.

Although I removed it as much as I can , but still if anyone finds mention of Bugzilla where it’s highly focused upon in the newcomers guide please help in the improvement.

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