Gnome and Gitg

Hello viewers, In this blog we I will be sharing how I started with Gnome 😍

So let’s start with a little bit of introduction of mine,

I am Gaurav Agrawal, born and raised in Jaipur Rajasthan. I am currently a student of Computer Science and right now working with Gnome community which is my second family πŸ™‚

Now let’s move on to the exciting stuff, my Gnome Journey! , I will break this down in several parts so hold on πŸ˜›

  1. How I reached Home(GNOME): So , I was trying to look for an implementation of Hash Table data structures in C and eventually I found this cool implementation in Glib which is a core data structures library developed by Gnome. I got the library and was able to understand how to use it, but the use-case which I had involved many tweaks and for them I asked for help in the #newcomers IRC, guys there were just awesome, full of knowledge, ethics, and most importantly their friendliness which really made me feel like man I want to be here and learn a lot.
  2. My best mentors Albfan(Alberto Fanjul) and Exalm(Alexander Mikhaylenko):When I was active in the IRC for the Hash table, these guys helped me a lot, and from the very start they made me an open source guy, from them I was able to learn coding styles which I sucked at, use of repositories, casting, docs and what not. Alberto was very motivating and if anyone asks me that who is the best FOSS mentor for a beginner I will without a doubt recommend him. Whatever you learn while working him just stays with you forever and it’s concrete πŸ™‚
  3. My First Contribution at GNOME a baby step πŸ˜› : After the completion of the Hash-table experiment, I reached out to Alberto cause I knew he was the perfect guy who can help me get started with Gnome workflow and foss, and It was no surprise he gladly took me on-board and was in no time solving silly to good doubts of a #newcomer to get started with Gnome. 1)He helped me choose a suitable project, 2) He eased out the process of using git, 3) Biggest was motivation , he really motivated me and still does so. the list will go on, can’t thank him enough and can’t tell enough what he taught me πŸ™‚ . So my first contribution was just a README migration to markdown but what mattered to me was the learning which I got from there and it still benefits me a lot, just as I said whatever he taught is concrete and useful every time.
  4. The technical Journey at Gitg 😣 : So, the baby step paid off and I started learning technical work from Gitg developers, folks at #newcomers, and docs I was constantly struggling with my good old academic skills which was nothing when exposed to real world code-base. Things like:- Not being able to understand the code , not able to understand issue, not getting the git, not getting the coding style was really common. It was a real struggle and still present now, but you know what when you have great mentors and a fantastic community you do not need to feel low πŸ™‚ , Albfan , exalm, andre, bil, csoriano, …… list goes on they really helped a lot and still helps, not just me but anyone who has the will. After a few hard days and a lot of hard-work I was finally able to contribute things to Gitg which were a milestone for me that reminds me everyday that this is what which is meant to let you keep going.
  5. Challenges ahead: See, in any work challenges will always be your mates and we need to learn lessons from them. And I have many, 1. Git, 2.Code-base, 3. Communication skills, 3.Coding skills, 4.Conventions 5.Libraries and …. . I think with my community backing me up, one day I will be able to confidently say that there are really few left now:)
  6. Honorable Mentions and Credits: First of all I will really like to thank Gitlab for providing Gnome a great developer friendly infrastructure which really takes out a lot of burden and smooths out every learning curve. I will love to thank Carlos who took the gitlab initiative and brought it here. My whole family GNOME who continues to give a place which is full of learning opportunities for students like me. Every developer who is putting their hard-work everyday to make GNOME a better place and full of resources.