Alberto Fanjul

Hi everyone,

So in this blog I will be talking about Alberto , whom I believe is the one of the most amazing persons I have known in my life.

I think you are lucky if life gives you a great opportunity of meeting great people. And I was just the one. I got to work with Alberto and I can’t express how much he has done for me from the past 8 months.

He has this really cool perspective of seeing things around which for me makes my life stress free and motivated enough to contribute more and more.

Alberto first helped me with my Hash-table project, he was all in to help me and that selfless help which he gave me really touched me and encouraged me so much that I reached out to him as soon as the project gone over.

I said I will like to contribute here at Gnome, and from there he’s till date guiding me.

If you are with him, you are really going to learn a lot, cause believe me he’s the kind of person who does not compromises in either the code quality and your own quality.

Which is the best part I love about him, he’s really working hard and taking his time out not just for contributing at Gnome but also mentoring #newcomers like me.

My friend Adwait Rawat also got involved with me on my request and he also loves to be in mentor ship of Alberto.

Without Alberto I can’t imagine when in my life ever I would be able to not just start with Open Source with my family at Gnome but also I would never had this right way of looking at the situations now which I learnt from working alongside him.